JS -103 Ultra Water Reduction Polycarboxylate Superplaticizer Solid 50%

Short Description:

Polycarboxylate superplasticizer is a new generation and friendly environment superplasticizer, It is a concentrated product. Best high water reducing ratio, high slump retetion ability,low alkali content ,and it has high strength gained rate. It can be widely used in premix of common concrete,gushing concrete,high strength and durability concrete, Especially it has excellent performance in high strength and and durability concrete.

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Technical Data

Model item JS-103 PCE liquid 50%
appearance Light yellow liquid/colourless liquid
Density (23℃ g/cm3) 1.11±0.05
Solid content  % 50±1
PH value 5±1
Water reducing Ratio % ≥25
Solid Sulphate content 0.01 Max
Chloride content 0.1max
Cement net fluidity mm 260 min

Product Property

1. It can be applied to prefabricated concrete,reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete etc. It suits for different types of cement and acts as good dispersant,especially for early strength cement.

2. It is a kind of anionic/Non-ionic liquid admixture with low chloride ,low alkali non-toxic,free effect on ecological environment.

3. It has excellent water reducing ability that can up to reducing 25%-40% mixing water in concrete.And it can also greatly reducing slump loss.

4. It has good appearance of hardened concrete, without water lines,big bubbles,and color difference.

5. It has high durability, it can greatly improve compactness , freeze thaw resistance,carbonation resistance,elastic modulus and impermeability reduce drying shrinkage and creep of concrete.

Package Storage & Transportation

Pacage: 200kg/drum 1000kg/IBC tank, or packed with flexitank or according to customer requirement.

Storage: It may raise concretion phenomenon at low temperature, blending after the temperature getting higher, its performance will recover and does not affect using, the shelf life is one year after the epiration date, it can be uesd if testing results fall within established range.

Transportation: it is Non-toxic non flammable and non explosive goods. It can be transported by truck,ship and train.

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