BT-303 Super slow release slump retaining type Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer

Short Description:

BT-303 is is a new generation of slump-preserving polycarboxylic acid water reducer independently developed by the company. It can significantly inhibit the slump loss of concrete. It is suitable for high water-reducing polycarboxylic acid reducer. It can be widely used in pumping concrete, super-fluid self-compacting, high-strength and high-performance concrete and commercial concrete.

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Technical Principle

The molecular structure of this product introduces active groups such as ester groups and amide groups to obtain a polycarboxylic acid superplasticizer with slump retention properties. Under the alkaline conditions of concrete, the ester groups are gradually hydrolyzed into carboxylic acid groups and are adsorbed on the cement. The surface of the particles exerts a good slow-release slump protection effect.

Under the alkaline condition of concrete, the reactive groups in the molecular structure of this product can slowly release the groups with dispersing effect, and play the role of continuing to disperse the cement, thereby achieving the effect of inhibiting the loss of concrete from slump.

Product Feature

(1)The slump retention value is large, and the slump can reach more than 80% of the slump of the fresh concrete after 1 hour, which can effectively solve the problem of rapid concrete slump loss.

(2) Excellent performance of concrete after use. Fresh concrete has good workability, excellent hardening and durability.

(3) Wide adaptability It has wide adaptability to Portland cement, ordinary Portland cement, slag silicate, fly ash cement, pozzolan cement and various admixtures.

(4) Green, environmentally friendly, no three waste products in the production process.

Product Specification

Item Standard
Appearance  light yellow liquid/colourless
Density(g*cm3) 1.02-1.05
PH Value 5-7
Solid Contents 50%±1.5
Alkali content <0.3%
Cement fluidity MM 270mm per Hour
Water reducing Rate 5%
Pressure bleeding rate 30%
Air Content 3%


(1) Suitable for the preparation of early-strength concrete, retarded concrete, precast concrete, cast-in-place concrete, large flow concrete, self-compacting concrete, mass concrete, high-performance concrete and fair-faced concrete, as well as various industrial and civil buildings Ready-mixed and cast-in-situ concrete in medium, especially suitable for low-grade commercial concrete.

(2) It can be widely used in national and key projects such as high-speed railways, nuclear power, water conservancy and hydropower projects, subways, large bridges, expressways, harbors and wharfs.

(3) Applicable to various types of industrial and civil construction and commercial concrete mixing plants

How To Use

1. The usual dosage is 0.6%~1.2% (calculated based on the total amount of cementitious materials), and the best dosage should be determined by experiment according to the engineering materials and characteristics. It is suitable for compounding with high water reducing polycarboxylic acid water reducing agent or using alone.

2.This product can be single used(Usually it could not use in single) It can be combined with water-reducing mother liquor and set retarding mother liquor to reduce concrete slump loss. Or compound with functional aids to get admixtures with retarder/early strength/antifreeze/pumping functions. The application method and conditions should be determined by testing and compounding technology

3.This product can be used together with other kinds of admixtures such as early strength agent, air entrainment agent, retarder, etc., and should be tested before use. Do not mix with naphthalene series water reducer.

4.When there are active admixtures such as fly ash and slag in the ratio of concrete, the amount of water-reducing agent should be calculated as the total amount of cementing materials.

Packing & Delivery

Package: 220kgs/drum, 24.5 tons/ Flexitank ,1000kg/IBC or upon request

Storage: Stored at ventilated dry warehouse of 2-35℃ and packaged intact, without unsealing, shelf life is one year. Protect from direct sunlight and freezing

200kg drum

Safety Information

Detailed safety information, please check Material Safety Data Sheet.

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